Let’s talk instincts today. You know, that feeling you sometimes get that’s kinda undefined, but it’s so funky that you can’t really ignore it. Or like a little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you should just go out and do something or you seriously shouldn’t do that. Or like…oh, you all know what I’m talking about. It’s just a different kind of funky for each of us.

So how much do you trust your instincts, guys? I for one have this very interesting talent of realizing that my instinct is putting up red flags about something I’m doing or want to do, but just choose to shove it back to that weird extrasensory place it came from. I cannot count how many times I decided to do something even though there was like this voice in my head screaming “Don’t do it!!! Get back here!! BAD idea!!”. But I just went on and did it anyway. Guess what? Most times than not, it was a very bad idea.

Then again, the few times that I did listen to that inner voice I kept babbling about before, boy did things turn out right! 🙂 The thing is that it’s really hard to do what your instinct tells you when it comes into conflict with your wants, your desires. It’s moments like these that you have to pay extra attention to hear the right voice – is it your instinct that’s talking or your desires?

I’ll be damned if even today I can tell between those two voices.  Hmmm, I think I’ll just ignore both of ’em for now. Might be healthier 🙂