The age-old question: is friendship between people of opposite sexes truly possible?

Most people would openly disagree without even giving it a second thought. I believe it is a possibility, but it’s sorta tricky to get there. What are the usual scenarios when it comes to male-female friendship?

Well, the first obvious one is when neither are attracted to each other, but they have lots in common, so friendship is a natural result. The danger here is that one of them will start to see the similarities as more than just that and rather as signs that they could be compatible on a romantic level also. I know of more than one such case. All I can say is that if you are too alike…it ain’t gonna work if you turn it into a romantic relationship. Might be just me, but I believe that it’s the differences between the two partners that make the relationship stronger in the end, the way that these differences end up complementing each other.

Second scenario is when one is attracted, the other shows no interest. Friendship in this case is nothing more than a deviously used mask in order to get closer the the object of your desires. Make no mistake, in most cases than not…this strategy will not get you the girl/the guy. It’s just hard to build from no attraction to…what…maybe some affection? If the attraction ain’t there in the beginning, it certainly won’t be there later on. It’s not like you can get used to or learn how to be attracted to the other person…Can you??...

Third case. One wants friendship. One wants more. The two have a talk and establish some …let’s call them rules. No, no, better yet let’s call them lines. These lines are not to be crossed if the friendship is to exist. The one who wanted more than friendship acknowledges that there is no hope for that and accepts the agreement. It may be hard, even excruciating at times, but in time the initial attraction will start to subside and the frienship might become an authentic one.

Now, I am talking mostly from personal experiences and from some other situations that I’ve witnessed over the years, so feel free to contradict me or to add to my list of scenarios.