There are these times in our lives when so much seems to be going on. So we don’t really have the time needed to stop for a minute or two and think about everything that’s been happening to us. It just becomes a wild roller coaster ride of feelings, actions and reactions, thoughts and doubts, desires and gut feelings.

But we all hit a point when we absolutely need to stop and evaluate. I feel like I’ve hit that point. And the fact that I’m so full of energy (a little hyper these last few days) is just another sign that I need to chill for a second and put everything into perspective. I’ve had these moments before and every single time, I felt like I needed to escape. Not something or someone in particular, just the world. And maybe even myself. So I packed my bags and ran back home, or even out of the country for a week or so. A short vacation from the mess and the commotion and the everything.

It’s time to get away again. It’s a short escape this time, hopefully it will unfold the way I want it to.