The cynicism baby is back!

I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced this – after a period of being alone (well, not alone, single), you reach a point when even the thought of being with someone seems like a terrible hassle. I mean, sometimes you wake up in the morning and you look like you could scare away little kids…and you’re cool with it. But if you got a bf/gf on the other hand, you’d have to look all cute/fresh/(fill in with any other positive adjectives that seem appropriate to you) from early in the morning and damn if you feel like going through that bother. So? Do any of you guys recognize themselves? I’m sure you do 😛

It seems to me that it’s so hard, after losing a feeling, or after just letting go of it because there’s nothing left to do with it, to get it back. You need a really intense jolt to wake up a heart that’s gone into a self-inflicted hibernation. And after a long while of trying to find that intense spark, one tends to become more picky, more self-critical and critical of others also…in a nutshell, kinda cynical. And this is a treacherous type of attitude, because it feeds on itself and you find yourself stuck in a pretty routine existence, devoid of any true exaltations. And the worst part – you’re fine with it.

I would like to find out from you guys if you’ve ever gone through something like that? The cynicism baby is obviously me, but maybe not all of us go through the cynicism stage.