I hate to say it, but it is slowly becoming apparent that summer is coming to its end. Summer is ending and another fall is approaching. And from my past experience, fall is a perfect time for change and for making decisions.

It’s a hard moment for me. Professionally, the decision has already been made (fingers crossed that it was a good one 🙂 ). I’m pretty pleased about it. Now on a personal level I might be stuck (another thing I hate to admit – not having an answer). Some decisions must be made, no doubt about it. Just not so sure that I can or even want to make a decision.

A friend suggested that I talked to someone, maybe I could get some advice, some help on making those decisions. But I don’t think I’d like what I’d hear. On the other hand, I don’t particularly like my own conclusions. So what the heck should I do? The easiest way out of this is to just postpone making those decisions until a breaking point is reached. Then I’ll have no choice. Yeah…I think I’ll take that.