Some people are just stuck with us forever. A person may leave, but there’s this feeling that we associate with his/her being. The memories may be jumbled – sweet mixed up with bitter, but there’s a lingering sensation tied to some people even if they’re no longer part of our daily existence.

Whenever something good happens to us, they are among the first people we think about with the desire to share that happiness in our lives. These are special people. Not perfect people, not lacking flaws (even big ones). But there’s just something about them that they can never be pulled away from that cozy little corner we’ve assigned for them in our hearts.

These last days, my thoughts tended to gravitate towards one such person. And I so wished I could share my happiness with that person, but I kept myself from making any contact, since it seemed a bit inappropriate.

But if by any chance you see this post, you should know who you are. Maybe you could make the first step.