I truly am an idealist. Otherwise why would I be so trusting of everybody?

It’s true that I get disappointed a lot and by a lot of people. It’s true that some persons’ reactions make me feel so hopeless now and again and so cynical at times. But then, something happens in my heart and in my head and suddenly I feel like people deserve my trust once more, like they deserve to be given credit.

For some reason, I have immense expectations from the people around me. From all of them. I do not accept…no, better yet I cannot accept the fact that someone I associate with would be less – less than good, less than great. I see amazing potential in all these people, potential to be outstanding human beings – potential to make a difference, to use the talents they have to the fullest, potential to forgive, potential to love. I see in them potential to recognize and acknowledge the good in themselves and in others. I see in them the potential to recognize and acknowledge how much people can mean to each other, how much a person can change and influence a life, an existence.

My cynicism still hasn’t gotten the better of me, my cynicism hasn’t become stronger than my idealism. So, in spite of my cynical side, I have revelatory moments when I can see what’s in front of me with undeniable clarity. And I trust that the ones I surround myself with have this same ability to see what’s important, what truly matters, what truly touches them in their lives.