Working the graveyard shift again.

It’s during the night, in the darkness and in the quiet that the thoughts come. The thoughts that during the day you easily manage to avoid. It’s now that the questions spring up in your mind. You know, those that are better left unanswered…the ones that are better left unasked.

It’s in the pitch dark right before dawn that the longing becomes close to unbearable. You try to put it out of your mind, to distract yourself, to pretend that those are somebody else’s thoughts or that they are not really important enough to bother with for more than5 minutes.

But then there’s the raw emotion in your chest. That longing doesn’t come from your mind, its point of origin is in your chest and from there it flows into your whole being. So ignoring it is a bit more complicated than you initially imagined. It may be that one of these days (or nights) you’ll be forced to face it.

Maybe I will.