I am an intense person. I am impulsive and many times it has happened to me that I have done things I then regretted, all on an impulse. A Gemini by birth, I truly am a dual person – sometimes relying on impulse, other times over-analyzing everything.

I am intense and, even though it may not always show, I get very involved in everything I do and everything I feel. If I don’t like you, you will know. If I care about you, it might take a while to break through my pride of admitting it, but you will most definitely know.

I am not ashamed of feeling. It’s too bad that, it seems to me, today’s society rejects expressing our feelings as a sign of weakness and as providing everyone around with the necessary weapons to crush us. I find that acknowledging and putting our feelings out there is a sign of bravery (with a healthy dose of caution, of course 🙂 )