Somehow, in the madness that is my life right now (between my job – biiig thing for me, going out with friends – when I have the time and energy, doing some household chores, running some errands, tutoring some people and getting some sleep…) I managed to find a few moments to read some blogs. And on one blog I stumbled upon another one. Now, I quite enjoyed reading both of them, but the second one got my attention in particular.

It is written by a girl called Oana (hence, the url for the blog, and from what I could gather, it is a collection of thoughts and feelings which were offered to the world in the form of poems mainly. What struck me about her blog was the sincerity with which she writes. And her style of writing reminds me of myself and of how I once used to play with words years ago.

While reading Oana’s posts, I felt transported back to when I was 16 and went to a summer arts camp – it was there that I discovered how cathartic writing could be and how much I loved juggling words. Reading Oana’s blog made me feel quite melancholy, but in a good way – it reminded me of a part of myself that I had forgotten even existed, one that is maybe worth nourishing more.

Oana’s poems are sincere and emotional, yet at the same time fresh and direct. She laments, but she does not whimper. She admits to sins, yet she does not ask for pity. Intense and sincere. Love it!