Today was a windy day. The sun shone through some scattered clouds, but if I had to describe today in one defining word, it would definitely be “windy”. And this wind blew the autumn leaves and pulled them off of branches and raised them to the sky…A windy and colorful day.

I somehow found myself in the colors of the leaves: red – for my passion and my shyness as well, yellow – for my lack of courage (yes, the bravery I was talking about in a previous post is something I preach about, but don’t always put into practice; sometimes I am simply too chicken), brown – for how much I wish I was more grounded, more centered, more organized.

And from that realization about myself on my way over to work + a very smart guy’s post on FB – thank you, Marius 🙂 (something in the lines of “Thinking is so hard that most people would rather judge”), I got to thinking 😛 About what, you ask? Well, about the fact that our souls are colored in so many different colors. We all have yellows and reds and browns and grays and greens and blues and even blacks. We all have our shy parts, our impulsive ones, our scared ones, our mean ones, our selfish ones, our generous ones. We can all be both hurtful and loving. None of us is perfect. None of us is simply a good person or simply a bad person. So yeah, instead of judging anyone, we should first of all think – that maybe that person has so many different sides to him/her that we don’t see and that may be worth discovering.