There’s something that I’ve heard said quite a lot in my discussions with different people (friends or just acquaintances). Guys accuse us of it and we sometimes admit to being guilty of doing it. What is the accusation? That us girls are pretty (oh, let’s not say “stupid”) silly or maybe even just a tad dumb in our unexplained admiration for bad boys.

I’ve been accused of it. I have admitted it. We are pretty silly in being drawn to bad boys. After all, there’s a reason they’re called bad boys and not good guys in the making. We should know better than that – we cannot change them. Nobody can, except for themselves if they choose to do so. We do know better than that, but the pull is so powerful that we simply ignore all the warnings and abandon ourselves in the adrenaline rush of being with a bad boy, in the delusion that we are going to be the ones to help them see what really matters in a relationship. In this respect, we are truly silly, maybe worse than that.

One phrase I do not agree with is that the bad boys always get the girl. Really, guys? You have THAT much faith in our brain power? Being with a bad boy is all part of the process. Girl meets bad boy, girl feels attracted to bad boy. Girl dates bad boy for a while. Girl eventually comes to her senses and dumps bad boy’s ass (although there’s also the possibility that the bad boy gets bored and dumps girl first). Girl finds nice guy who really loves and respects her and with whom she can have a real relationship.

Dating a bad boy is a sort of a rite of passage from which girls usually come out stronger and wiser. Bad boys are a lesson to be learnt. But, guys, trust me on this one – in the end, bad boys do not get the girl.