Perhaps forgiveness is the way. Perhaps holding on to anger and grudges is truly what poisons souls and makes hearts keep bleeding long after they should have healed.

Perhaps forgiveness is the way. Not forgetting, as if we wish to learn and become better individuals, we must not relinquish the past, however painful it may have been. We all make our choices and our decisions may be hurtful at times, they may be perceived as the wrong decisions to be made, but they are our own and no-one else’s and should be accepted as such.

Perhaps forgiveness is the right way to go. The disappointment – still there. But if the wounds are ever to completely heal, perhaps forgiveness is the cure. If they are ever to stop dully hurting, forgiveness is the pain killer of choice. If they are to stop slowly bleeding any time soon, perhaps forgiveness is the tourniquet for them.

The past – with its right decisions and its mistaken ones – should be accepted as the past, as a well from which to draw the wisdom we need in order to welcome the future with its myriad of wonderful possibilities to choose from.