Been sick for a couple of days now, which meant lots of bed rest, lots of coughing and lots of meds (which did so little to help up until now).

I’ve also been struggling with an acute case of…writer’s block. I seem to find myself stuck in the middle of a storm of ideas, but my mind quickly rejects them all as being superficial, overly-written about and other such attributes. It might have something to do with someone (you know who you are if you’re reading this) telling me a few days ago that…I seem artificial in the joy that I try to express as often as possible in my posts…

I dunno, guys – do I come across as way too cheery for the world we’re living in? Positive thought keeps me going. It’s not all fun and games and pink freakin’ unicorns in my universe either. But I try to see some good in each and every day. I try to smile at least once each day. And funnily enough, most days, I get a really nice surprise which triggers that smile. There’s no shortage of sweetness in the world, you just have to put your cynicism aside for long enough to enjoy it. It’s hard, I know. I still have difficulties doing that. But at least I try.