It’s getting harder and harder for me to have any trust or hope in this damn human race! Calling ourselves “humanity” seems so absurd sometimes.

We hurt each other so gratuitously and think nothing of it, but on the other hand we demand to be treated with respect, kindness and fairness…How does that work?! You do something really messed up to someone and then you say “I hope there are no hard feelings…” Reaaaally?!? 😐 In what universe is this something that a sane person would utter?

Actions have consequences. Words have consequences. And karma is truly a bitch and will end up demanding for payback sooner or later. It’s such a shame that so many people go through life oblivious to this, because when it does hit them, it will be so much more painful.

Maybe I expect too much of people. Maybe humans aren’t really that human. Maybe I’m just getting so tired of being disappointed over and over again by people I placed my trust in.