We could kill a life with words…

I fell asleep last night thinking of how a few simple words can influence someone so much. I opened my eyes this morning with a song going round in my head – Les mots (beautifully performed by Mylène Farmer and Seal). The first line of this post is one of the lyrics of the song and is painfully suggestive of the power that words possess.

I’m wary with words. I try to choose mine so very carefully before uttering them, for they have failed me so many times. Not to be unfair, though, words have also been my most trusty weapons and my most reliable shield in times of need. Words can bruise, words can wound, words can cut like knives. They can heal and they can help erase mistakes. They can break hearts. They can mezmerize, they can seduce. They can confuse. They can open eyes. Words can kill. Words can create.

I don’t know how to fight other than with my heart on my sleeve and with my words, sincere and directe.

We could kill a life with words…or maybe save a heart with them.