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A discussion I had earlier this evening with one of my friends managed to trigger a question in my mind – at what point in a relationship does one simply stop caring?

To put it a bit differently, what does it take for someone, after sharing hopes and dreams with a significant other for months and years, to simply not be interested anymore? Even more than that, to be totally indifferent to the other person’s fate.

How is it possible to just not be moved by the convulsions of that person’s soul, by their troubles or their elations? And how does it make sense, when someone you once cared for is asking for your help or for a crying shoulder, to refuse them even the acknowledgement of that request? How can you simply disregard anything that is tied to the other person’s existence?

My over-analytical brain keeps spinning this round and round. Another perspective. How much pain and suffering must one take in order to reach that point where pain doesn’t provoke any reaction whatsoever? It means nothing anymore, it can’t really be felt anymore. How much disappointment can you bear before becoming completely immune to it?

A whole bunch of questions. And no answer. Not one that I can be satisfied with. But there’s one aspect I’m fairly certain about. When people do reach such a point in relation to someone they used to love, that moment must be filled with a sadness that’s more bitter than even hate.