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Been struggling with a thought – what makes a good writer? Who decides that you’re a good writer and how do they do that, by which criteria? This refers to blog writers, naturally, but it also goes beyond that.

I’ve loved writing ever since I jolted down on a piece of paper my first attempts at a poem of some sort. That was a zillion years ago, sometime during the summer after 9th grade. I went to an art camp and I felt so small and so awkward there. Not only because of my age, being one of the youngest there, but also because I didn’t know what writing meant, while all the others around me seemed to have writing in their blood, they had befriended this form of expression years ago and were there as a confirmation that they had talent. I was there because…I can’t even remember exactly how I came to be there in the first place. But I discovered that I love writing, it’s a form of expression and a form of therapy. So I kept writing ever since then.

Now, the fact that you love doing something does not make you good at it. So I’m sort of conflicted lately, as I’ve started to think that, like my mother once put it, I may have a much too “technical” brain for writing literature. She’s the kind of person who loves pretty similes and comparisons and metaphors. German authors, for instance, are too dry for her taste. She doesn’t really take to realism in literature – again, too dry. I don’t particularly agree with her on this. I believe that art and literature are more than just imagining fluffy, pretty things. Sometimes, reality is just as much a form of art as anything we might imagine. Nonetheless, she may have had a point when she said that I’m too “technical”.

Perhaps I need some guidance, but who to ask it from?