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I regret a bit turning this blog into a journal (and such a personal one at that). I initially wanted to avoid this happening. But it seems that it is true what they say – the best writing, the most sincere one spurs from personal experience, from your own feelings. It’s the most authentic and it touches the hearts. The downside about it is that it gives people the opportunity to ask themselves: “is this me she’s talking about?”, “should I feel like something I did or said is in discussion here?”.

If such questions were raised in your minds even thought they shouldn’t have been, I’m sorry. With a few exceptions, I didn’t mean to point any fingers. And even on those occasions, I never named names. The ones I pointed fingers at – you knew who you were, I didn’t need to make it any clearer than that. You may have felt a tad bruised, but nothing truly personal about your own lives has been revealed. And I spoke the truth. Given, it was my truth, I don’t pretend to hold the objective, supreme truth about anything. I also trust the intelligence of those who read this blog enough to believe that they took everything I wrote with a grain of salt. Again, if you felt wronged without having deserved it, mea culpa.

But my feelings need to remain authentic, so I won’t tone them down. Fingers might still be pointed at times (it’s inevitable). I’ll just try to discern better when it comes to letting the world in on other people’s feelings and thoughts. I’ll try to be more of a fiction writer. My feelings, my life -sifted through a healthy dose of imagination. I’ll try to use my words as filters for experiences which are far too personal to be expressed as such, not as pointed arrows. Fingers crossed that I don’t fail miserably, huh, guys?