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I’ve always been intrigued and slightly on the deferent side towards small children and babies. They’ve seemed to me like miniature supermen with X-ray vision for the souls. You cannot camouflage your emotions in front of a child – the little guys will sense you agitation, your nerves. And they’ll stick to you like glue if you’re a good soul.

I’m constantly amazed at how a child can link people together. Tutoring a 3rd grader, I get to come into contact with a wonderful home almost every week. Two hours in their company leaves me with such a feeling of comfort and calmness that is quite hard to put into words. It must be the constant preoccupation of the parents fot the child’s well being (when it comes to ourselves and our own parents we might see such moments as parents being overprotective, but viewing it from the outside offers a totally different perspective). It must be the way the mother and father look at their daughter so lovingly that the warmth of their gazes is almost physically perceivable. Having to teach a child has made me softer and at the same time sterner.

Today: the sun quickly approaching sunset. Soft afternoon light. A mother and her little girl walking hand in hand. A couple of meters behind them, a father and his little boy walking hand in hand, going home after school.Couldn’t help thinking it was one of the images closest to perfection that I have witnessed. Perhaps little children really are tiny beings with spectacular superpowers.