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“Remember the beginning, remember the road, remember the story”…I can’t seem to get this sentence out of my head. It sounds like such a good way to start a novel or a story with, doesn’t it? Or is it too cheesy?

I’m struggling with my New Year’s resolution. You remember, don’t you, my little writing project? It’s going pretty badly. Ideas keep spinning round in my head and I need to pin them down somehow, structure them and polish them into the little gems I would like to craft. No ideas at all is a bad thing – no inspiration, but too many of them can be just as much of a bad thing.

One page so far. There’s so much I want to put in words.  Focus is a must, I can’t allow myself to start going adrift – ideas need to be guided, words need to be chosen wisely. Too few words would cause the readers to feel like something is missing from the story, like there’s something I haven’t told them, too few of them will make the story boring.

One page so far. I’m starting to fear I might miss the deadline I’ve set for myself.