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You’ve changed. So have I. Wouldn’t it have been the saddest thing on earth if we had stayed exactly the same? The same annoying little habits, the same reactions, the same unrealistic expectations, the same insecurities.

And yet, the same sweet words, the same manner of reading into one another’s souls.

We’ve grown. Apart. Away from each other. Like two branches of the same tree. Linked together, but separated. Why not intertwined? I wish I had the right answer to that question, but the one I have, I don’t like. And yours…well, it’s only yours and you’ve kept it a secret for so long that even you might have forgotten it by now.

I’m the one reaching towards the sun. I like the heat and that’s unwise of me, exposing myself to the danger of getting burnt. I love the heat and the almost blinding light. I aim at the sun with my fire red flowers. Ah, the Light! However much I’ve struggled to guide you towards the light, my successes were merely temporary. And then, you broke away.

You’re the one revelling in the shade. You much prefer the darkness and the coolness of the night. The silver rays of the moon help you bloom. Few people get to see your beauty because of that. But that’s alright with you (or so you claim in a very serious voice every single time). Such a shame. If only the world saw you in the light, if only they saw you as I once did.