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This time it hurt. How strange. And I was so convinced it had become an almost numb spot. This time it really hurt -like a punch in the stomach that took my breath away (and I still haven’t caught my breath back yet).

All it took was a few words. Big words, endearing ones. Words you could not help yourself but believe – from the first one to the very last one. Then, some more words – fewer this time, words you did not want to hear, words you were certain you would not hear again. These ones hit hard.

You still don’t understand, do you? Words are weapons that can break souls and they’re tools that can build up castles. It’s not personal? If you’re involved, of course it’s personal. It still hurts – looks like I’ve got a weak spot in my armour that I’ll never be able to fully mend and arrows will keep reaching my soul through there, no matter how much I struggle to avoid them.