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Each individual has a unique, personal view on what love is and how it should be. Mine is just one more in the sea of opinions on what love means. For disambiguation purposes, I am referring to a certain type of love – romantic love.

Love should be strong and determined, it should not yield in the face of difficulties (be it the day-to-day rut or the larger obstacles that life puts up in front of us).

Genuine love should overflow from your soul, it should make you radiate. Love should help you grow, it should not hinder any possibilities to evolve.

Love should be passion and it should feel like you have butterflies in your stomach even years after the first time you’ve met.

Love should be patient and it should be understanding, forgiving and soothing. True love should be a refuge, it should feel like coming home after a long, tiring journey.

At the same time, love should be stern, it should be courageous in showing you your mistakes, your shortcomings -it should be honest. It should be ready to make the tough choices, the ones that might hurt for the moment but for which you’ll be thankful on the long run. Sometimes, love should be tough.