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It’s always these damned expectations that kill us and bruise us to the point of becoming unrecognisable to even ourselves.

It’s the difference between what we imagine and what really is, between what we long for and what we are offered. The difference between what we feel and how others do not reciprocate. The difference between what is spoken and how gestures fail to reinforce these words. The difference between what you are told and what truly happened.

Unhappiness is the love child of expectations. Incongruencies are the rule, not the exception.

Imagine, dream, let your thoughts fly to the moon and around the rings of Saturn. Your dreams and wishes are your driving force through this universe of uncertainties and unfairness. But in the end, be aware that gravity is your best friend – your have to remain grounded if you want to be truly happy. Don’t confuse your desires, wishes and dreams with what you can realistically be offered and what you can achieve.

You expect one situation to turn out one way. But then, if it doesn’t, you expect that you will feel a certain degree of hurt/disappointment/sadness. Expectations…such poison for happiness!