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Did you ever feel like your body has somehow become too small for your soul? Like it’s not letting it expand to its fullest potential and all this energy keeps accumulating without an adequate outlet for so much light? If only, if only!

Happiness can be just a matter of acceptance sometimes. Accepting it’s over. Accepting something or someone is good for you, while other things or other individuals inject you with poisonous states of mind, soul and being. I’m starting to think that so many of us are unhappy simply because we are unable to or are scared to do just that – accept. Accept that you deserve peace and tranquility. And to feel like home in somebody’s arms. Accept when happiness comes to you offered on a silver platter instead of running away scared that you might not be deserving on account of so many factors from your past (none of which should interfere with your future).

Ah, love! Happiness is in the little things that sparkle and light up our lives. But ultimately, those small joys will crumble and be crushed under the weight of a broken heart. You might try to mend your soul by escaping once every so often, attempting to find the good in who you used to be and who you miss. But then you return to your prison, because it’s cosy.

There comes a time when you must accept your freedom – to be happy, to feel the goodness of feeling in someone’s arms like you’re on a puffy pillow, which is on a cloud, which is on cotton candy, to be at peace.