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I’m the kind who would not let go of your hand for days on end –  while walking down the street and in bed at night, while you drifted off to dreamland. But I’m also the kind who would let go of your hand just to remind myself why I would miss holding it so much.

Too many words and not enough actions to back them up. Too many promises and not enough commitments. Too many intentions and not enough fulfilled promises. Oh too much drama, while at the same instant claiming that what you desire the most in this world and what you’re searching for is peace of mind and lightness of the heart.

I’m the kind who would kiss your eyes and cheeks and lips each time you got closer than two feet from to me. But I’m also the kind who can show you a shoulder as cold as a stone wall, if you hurt me, love. Silence is not that hard – it takes time to educate yourself and a huge deal of self control, especially when your heart is in fact screaming on the inside, but it can be learnt. And I’m the kind who enjoys learning, love.

So much confusion and feelings of loss and of being lost, not enough clarity of though. So much potential to love and to embrace happiness in its truest form, not enough courage to give yourself up to it completely. So much focus on the material and the immediate, not enough dreams.

My plans are solid. They keep me grounded. My dreams are light and help me take to flight.

I’m the kind who would go to the ends of the Earth if someone I loved asked me to, needed me to. But I’m also the kind who will stand by my beliefs and fight for them like a vicious young lioness.

In the heart of the storm, I’m the kind who would love to have a rock to rest on and lean on. But in the same cold and darkness, I’m also the kind who, when you’ve lost your compass, could be your guiding light.