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There are lessons in life we take ages to learn, there are some we just refuse to. There are truths we close our eyes to. So we keep on bumping our heads against the glass door and we allow ourselves to walk around barely catching our breaths because there’s a giant elephant sitting on our chests. That damned elephant!

I’ve learnt my fair share of lessons. I still turn a blind eye to so many others. And I miss those years when it was easy to learn 10 big lessons in one week and repeat one mistake 20 times before I eventually got to where I needed to.

I trust. I feel. I trust in what I feel. That’s one lesson nobody’s taught me. I’m even starting to believe I was born with it running through my veins, invading every cell in my body at the very instant I took my first breath in this world. My heart fluttering, my soul like a deep lake, my whole being open as a flower in bloom and filled with light like a summer day.

I recently heard a line that went something like this: “Happiness is a mood, it’s not a destination. It’s not permanent”. The same goes with sadness, right? It’s alright to let yourself be down once in a while, it’s fine to cry your heart out when you’re hurt. But the trust I can’t shake. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. And I’m thankful for that.

You may call me foolish. Naive. I’m all that and more. I trust. I feel. I trust in what I feel and there’s no reasonable explanation for that. It just is.