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Do you remember the last time you did something for the first time? No, this is not a mind game and there’s no hidden agenda behind this question. (Well, maybe there is. But just a small agenda, cross my heart).

I can speak from own experience when I say that we tend to get caught up in a rut. Sure, a routine can sometimes be such a sweet surrender – it gives us a certain balance amidst uncertainty and countless ebbs and turns of our fellow man’s will and whim. But, seriously, you guys! When is the last time that you got out of your comfy routine and did something fun and irrational because it felt so right? And more importantly, when is the last time that you did something brinking on certifiable insanity in the eyes of all your fellow rational beings, because you wanted it oh so much?

I’m all for reason. Reason is one of my dearest and closest friends, in fact. I’ve also learnt that doing something a little out there once in a while will give you so much positive energy and will inspire you for a long while. It will also give you good material for when the party is turning a bit stale and needs livening up. Or for those moments you’re sitting in your armchair when you’re 80, grey-haired and (hopefully) surrounded by grandchildren who want to hear your goofy stories from when you were young.

Crazy is good once in a while. Reaching out of your comfort zone can energize you and push you down the road of self-discovery it’s so easy to avoid while you’re in your daily rhythm. The reasons we can list for not doing something are virtually countless. The ones for gathering the courage to do something can be very few. There might be just one such reason. But I’m sure it’s a doozey.