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A moon enveloped in milky clouds walked me home tonight. A heart drenched in honey sweetness and endlessly growing hopes walks me home every night.

The very first thing you wake up in your head with in the morning. So sweet that you’d do anything to prolong your half awake-half asleep state for a few more minutes. The last one you think about right before that instant you can never really pinpoint when you fall out of reality and drift off into dreamland. So delicious that you fight that moment with all your strength. You just want to guide your dreaming with your eyes wide open instead of letting it wind around corridors you don’t know and maybe don’t want to know.

I trust my eyes-wide open dreaming to guide my steps home. And I wish for a big white moon and a lone star to light my way each time. I trust my dreaming heart to guide my steps in crossing paths with the right people in this life. And the raw light of the morning sun is the companion I wish for.