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There’s a long, harsh winter in the making. The coldest in 300 years, and I so miss the summer careless heat already.

It’s not about ungratefulness. It might have been back when I still had the tendency to sabotage every single good thing in my life. Never pleased enough, always wanting more and better, looking for the faults and flaws without even  realising it. But leaving that stage of my life behind has been the most relieving thing I’ve ever experienced.

It’s not about ungratefulness. It never will be. Not anymore. Family, friends, and for over a year now I can safely add career to that list – these are all my sources of balance and content.

Still, there’s a kind of happiness that only one thing can bring to our lives. That explosive feeling combined with the tranquillity that stems from knowing there’s someone who understands you and wants to walk the same road as you do, someone who will be your rock through the storm and your light through the fog.

It’s not about ungratefulness, but there’s a long, harsh winter in the making and we all know that only a warm soul can make us forget about the cold outside.