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Almost there. Almost New Year’s Eve and it’s that time again.

It may seem cliché, but each time one stage of our lives comes to its end, we feel the need to recap, review and re-evaluate. The past year …the past couple of years, to be completely honest, have been a true rollercoaster ride. Breath-taking highs and crushing lows. Emotionally and professionally, the growth has been an undeniable constant.

I’ve penned down a few big resolutions for the year 2011. The biggest one of them all, I did not keep. But that’s not a real disappointment. Instead, it’s more of a reassessment and retracing of my limits. A book – a novel – is a colossal feat, one that requires hard work, patience and time. Especially time – a commodity which I am not in possession of in endless supplies. I’ve not given up on the book, though, fear not! I shall prevail!

2011 has been a year of many “firsts” –  the first time I’ve travelled by plane, the first time I’ve used the underground to get around a city (both during one incredible trip to Rome this spring), the first time I’ve flown by myself and the first time I’ve set foot on Spanish ground (one of my biggest dreams for at least the last 5 years).

2011 has been a year for friends (as was 2010) and a year for family, too. If I tried to describe how much I care about all of them in words, it would not do my heart justice. I’m grateful to each and every one of them for being there, for being themselves and for being my friends and my pillars of support when I needed them.

It’s been a year of surprises – few of which unpleasant, most of which delightful. The most thrilling of them and dare I say my biggest personal accomplishment – my recognition as a (potential) (growing) writer by my being ranked among the top ten participants in a writing contest. Not such a big deal for an untrained eye – a huge achievement for my little world and a great push forward to keep going down this road.

To wrap things up, I wish you a wonderful new year, surrounded by warm, loving people and I look forward to writing to you/for you in the year to come!