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In the spirit of “Tag! You’re it!”, I’ve taken upon myself the challenge of writing about what I wish I had done back when I was still a naive kid in 9th grade. (not that I’m not still naive right now at 25…ahem…and 8 months old) It’s the first time I’ve been tasked with something like this and Shurubici I must thank you for it, as it was high time I posted something new.

Ready, steady, go!

I wish I’d been more crazy, more of a teenager. Even since I was a little girl in 1st grade, everybody kept telling me how serious and how mature I was. So not before long I got to be 15 going on 30 – way too serious for my own age and for my own good. I was a kid and a teenager in the sense that I was on the innocent side, but I regret all the gutsy moves that I never made and that all teens make at some point. It wasn’t even shyness in the true sense, but more of a fear of not living up to everybody’s expectations that I’m the “good, responsible, mature girl”

Like my tagger, I very much regret not having practiced some sport. At 25 (ahem, I’m 25? really?!) I wish I had the time and the energy to work out, but can’t seem to be able to rustle up enough of these to even get me out of the house most days. Back then, I had them both in abundance and simply lacked the interest.

I would write more. I discovered my passion for writing (and in close connection, for reading) in the 9th grade, but got dragged back down in the rut of the Romanian educational system and gradually got discouraged. I’d only write now and then and always being self-conscious and fearful that people would hate my writing and would criticize me – which I believed was a most horrifying experience, to be avoided at all cost! (silly me, silly little perfectionist me)

To be entirely fair with you and with myself, I’d have dared more. Youth…so wasted on the young, don’t you think?

In the background I’m hearing: Augustana – Stars and Boulevards

Oh, almost forgot: Diana! Tag, you’re it! 🙂