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I’ve bought myself a parka and I’m happy as can be. I know that at this point the trend is pretty much worn out (involuntary pun), but it’s still a pretty useful piece of clothing when the temperature drops below -20 degrees Celsius. Yes, folks, you’ve heard me right, -20!!

I always try to convince myself that this year will be that year, the one when we don’t have to freeze our ears and fingers and toes off. And sure enough, January did not disappoint me this year either. Just when I thought winter was losing its strength, it came back to bite worse than when it was supposed to be at its peak. Treacherous winds and slippery roads and numb hands and snow. Tons of snow falling from the skies intent on burying us under all that white.

Alright, I’m going a bit overboard here, but the parka keeps me warm the best it can. Along with the numerous layers of different sorts of knits that I wear underneath – nude T-shirt, red pullover, blue sweater.  And my trusty hat, without which I’m sure my ears would fall off. I’m really happy with my parka. But I sure wish winter was over already.

This one warms my heart: