Her writing (or what I’ve come to know of it) is simplicity, pureness and clarity. If this excerpt is a good prediction of the book she has in preparation, then I’m sure ‘Loved’ is going to speak to my soul.

The Ooh La La Life

In the wake of the book title announcement and just a few days before the book cover reveal, I thought I’d share a little piece of the book with you (which has since been edited out).  Here’s a little treat for you from Loved, due out this summer:

Regardless of why he contacted me, or what he expected to get out of it, I could officially walk away from that wreckage.  My heart might be scarred, but the wound had healed and I didn’t notice the scars so much any more.  Still, I was afraid that if I tried to use my heart again for romance I would feel phantom pains.

I felt ready to write another goodbye letter, one of those you never send but simply use to get out some emotions.  In a way it had taken me years to write.

Dear Chad,

if i could show…

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