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Being an individual is vital for artists. Copycats are frowned upon. Nonetheless, it’s equally important that they inspire each other, that they learn from one another and that they steal a tiny bit of knowledge and of craftsmanship without passing these to the world as their own, but as gifts they are unspeakingly grateful for.

When I grow up, when I get just an inch closer to being seen as an honest to God writer, at that point in time and even a long while before, you should know about the people who make me smile, who make me go Wow! and who I identify with. Today, my fellow Romanians.

Evergreen. Because she’s brave and strong. Not tough, strong. She’s talented and direct. No bulls**t allowed with her. She doesn’t believe conventional love is made for her (or that she’s made for it). But I bet love will find her soon enough. And I bet she has no idea how many people love her and her writing.

Radu Neag. For a couple of years now, I’ve been doing my best to leave petty feelings that draw clouds over our heads aside – if not completely, then as much as possible. I’ve been trying to embrace the small joys, the things we don’t really see because of our daily rut, but which would bring us so much happiness if we took a step back from the craziness. And Radu, in his posts, manages to express so perfectly my new attitude towards life. He’s open, honest, he has daring ideas, and most importantly, he’s positive. This world could use a whole bunch of positive people like him. The small, simple things are so often the most strikingly beautiful ones.

Diana Polgar. Her blog, Virtual Masks, is a testimonial as to what words can do to you if you underestimate their power. They’re crafty, sneaky and dangerous if left to wander the world without some form of supervision.  And even so, they are sometimes the most perilous of criminals, escaping the corners we confine them in and ravaging the coasts of our beings and our hearts. Words are our masks and our redemption from falsity at the same instant.

Zvârluga. A poet. Ancestral wisdom and childhood scents, the soul of a child intertwined with that of a woman. Ethereal feeling and heavy, intense thoughts, all rolled into one.

Keep writing, you’ve not gone unnoticed.