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I long to dive into an ocean of sorrowless souls, of regretless hearts and fearless dreams. Sometimes, something strange happens to me. Something as mysterious as the answer to the question of why some people enter our lives and others simply drift by as if kept apart from us by an invisible magnetic force field. Almost as mysterious as the reason why we are into existence and not floating in the antechamber of life, waiting for our turn to come to breathe our first breath.

“Când iubesti pe cineva, pune-l într-un cerc. Pentru că cercurile nu încep de niciunde.” (by Mihai Dobrovolschi) I dream of losing myself in a world where people are brave enough to take a chance on their feelings. To go all in on a hand that promises little, but that they cannot not believe in. Why not take a leap of faith and trust a love can last forever, even if our forever lasts so little in the vastness of this universe’s age?

Something strange happens to me from time to time. When I think I’ve reached the peak of my disenchantment with love and of my disillusionment with how people choose to react in the face of unique, powerful stories of love and passion, that’s when my heart refuses to give in to cynicism. That’s when my naïve faith in fairy tale endings kicks in stronger than ever before.

I’m a girl who thinks. Rational. Over-rational. Over-analysing. But that does not exclude me feeling. Oh, I feel, maybe stronger and deeper than you could imagine. Because while my thoughts spin round and round in my mind, they turn into an out-of -control tornado which is able to amplify feelings to unbelievable intensities.

I would put love in a circle. Because circles have no ends and no beginnings. Just like my loving.