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Change is a pain.

They say people don’t change. I’ve heard it said so many times that I almost came to believe it myself. Lucky I know better, from the most undisputable source of all – own experience.

Change is a real pain, but it can be done. People just need the proper incentive to follow the change through and the decision has to be a personal one, flowing from the individual’s own will to create temporary unbalance so that a perfected equilibrium can later be achieved. Sadly enough, such decisions oh so often stem from nothing else than fear – fear of losing something or someone precious unless habits are remoulded, vices renounced and attitudes transformed.

We can try to avoid change, wallow in the sweet inertia of the day to day grind. We can find a million excuses not to take the rough, yet untraveled path. But ultimately we will reach a point of no return when we can resolve to take that first, scary step, or to lose ourselves in cheap thrills, facile pleasures and feelings that are no more than skin deep. These crossroads are the ones that define us – these are the moments when we decide who we truly want to be, what truly matters to us most in the world and who we intensely love.