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My very first TEDx experience; and it was a brilliant one! For me, it meant being imbued with ideas from fields much more diverse than I had anticipated. It meant walking away with a feeling of hope, optimism, and an intense desire to make a change (somehow, sometime in the near or not so near future, in this city, in this country and maybe even in this world). Today’s speakers have proven that it doesn’t take much more than a simple idea to give birth to incredible ways of helping others.

I walked away with hope; and trust in the future. The future truly is in the hands of the youth. But how could you possibly not put your faith in the future knowing that people like the members of the Simplex team (Alina Calin, Andrei Canta, Andrei Dascălu , Cosmin Mihaiu, and their supervisor, lecturer Dr. Dan Suciu) are there on the job. They’re once again proving that young people can be innovative, ambitious, but also passionate, caring and highly empathetic towards the needs and problems of the less fortunate. Their project, MIRA (short for Medical Interactive Recovery Assistant) is aimed at aiding people suffering from temporary movement impairments who need to go through a recovery period. The team have based the project on the principles of occupational therapy and they suggest a recovery environment inspired by video games and the Microsoft Kinect technology, which would transform the recovery process into a fun, much more interactive one.

I walked away with a sense of inner peace, Sabin Mureşan being the one responsible for this, as he undoubtedly emanates peace from every cell of his being. His voice, his gestures, but most of all his stories of war-torn countries, of modest homes and welcoming souls. His openness and his candidness could touch the coldest of hearts.

Laviniu Lazar and Marcel Heroiu have reinforced my belief that Cluj-Napoca can become one of the greatest cities in Europe and even in the world. We are capable and we have the necessary resources, especially the needed talent and creative minds. What we must acknowledge is that we can solely do this by working together. Laviniu quoted a few movies in his speech and one of his quotes (from Spiderman no less) was “With great power comes great responsibility”. Because we have the power to make a change, we also have the same great responsibility to the ones next to us and to the ones after us, to the future. But we can without doubt handle this weight if we share it among us.

TEDx translates into exactly this – sharing ideas and with them, sharing responsibility and enlisting the drive, the energy and the enthusiasm of each and every one of us.