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Well, this is me. I can be such a drama queen, but only on rare occasions, and even I dread those moments so once they’ve past. I much more enjoy being rational and mature. But what can I do if I’m just a naïve kid for the most part of my existence?

No, on second thought, I don’t regret those sporadic dramatic moments and I won’t apologise for them. Just like I won’t apologise for all the love I have. Just like I will absolutely not apologise for wanting beautiful things in my life, for wanting happiness. Just like I won’t under any circumstances apologise for longing for a long lasting relationship, for someone who will be there, who will listen to me and offer me arms to cuddle in like the kid I am.

If you could use my love as raw material to build a ladder, you could easily reach the Moon, circle it and come back down to Earth; and I would happily give my heart away if someone asked for it to build that miraculous ladder.

Lana keeps stealing the spotlight in my playlist these days.