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With a slew of posts about summer invading the blogosphere, some praising its gifts, others blasting it back to hell (‘cause I’m pretty sure there are loads of folks out there thinking someone must have left the gates to hell open and now all the heat is escaping into our realm), a lot of them even ending up in the much-coveted Freshly Pressed category, how could I ever stand a chance to compete? Well, I just won’t.

I’m simply going to tell you about (my) summer the way I would about myself – with honesty and openness. Because in a way summer is me, it is an essential part of me and it reflects so much about my nature.

Summer, this is my declaration to you.

Summer, I’ve missed you so! Ever since you left me last year. I knew you were coming back, just like you always do, just like some people in our lives always do, just like some feelings always do. But still, I missed you like a part of me was missing during the rest of the seasons.

It’s summer. Real summer, finally! The kind of summer when ice cream melts in a few instants if you don’t eat it right away. The kind when you wash a load of clothes and put them out to dry in the morning and by the time you’re back home in the evening, they’re all dry. The kind when water is your best friend in the world and you know it (Oh, boy! Do you know it!) The kind when you step out to the grocery store and 30 seconds in you have beads of sweat lining your forehead. The kind when all you want (or can stand) to eat is fruit (cherries, peaches, watermelon) and maybe veggies (and ice cream, naturally).

Summer is my first true love. I’m most at ease in summer and I don’t mind the heat one tiny bit. What could be sweeter than a nap on a late hot summer afternoon? What could be more perfect than reading Lolita while the searing heat outside is rising above 33 degrees Celsius? What could be more refreshing than lemonade in town after having faced the merciless rays of the sun? What could be more fitting (get it?) than a run in the morning when the sun is just beginning its reign over the world?

Summer, my love, don’t leave me again! Stay forever this time!