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I keep getting overly excited over nothing much, over nothing at all really. I keep forgetting the past is just that – the past – and though it can, it does not inherently predict future actions. I keep being disappointed because I keep ignoring that not everybody sees the world the way I do and not everybody follows their hearts the way I do. Truth be told, it’s not anybody else that keeps hurting me; it’s myself, my choices that do.

You must know what it’s like. You push so hard you feel like if you push any tiny bit more, you’re going to break. But that’s just what you feel. Because you know, for a fact, that if you stop pushing for even a split second, you’re never going to be able to go down that path again. So you keep pushing, even though it hurts, even though your muscles (all your muscles, including that very special kind, throbbing in your chest) ache and your blood is pumping as if trying to keep a racing car going.

So what do you do when you’re close to giving up? You push a little bit more.