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I’ve twisted and turned so many times, I fear I might lose sight of the straight and narrow. We’ve been back and forth so much that I don’t think I can recognize the future anymore.

When we’re little, our greatest wish is to grow up. But then, when it’s high time to be grown ups, we dread it like our biggest misfortune, we do everything we  can to avoid it, to ignore it and to pretend like we’re nowhere close to becoming so.

Is it unimaginably brave or is it simply and utterly foolish to put yourself out there? Vulnerability, unveiling and disclosure. Madness, right?

There are these occasional moments when I feel something jab at my heart – usually while travelling, as this is when my mind has the time to simply allow its connections to go wild. It’s a question I ask myself – what do I really want – from myself and from my life? Is it more than what others expect from their own lives or is it less?

The way the air smells on certain nights. The full moon’s silvery glow on cold evenings. The yellow leaves against the perfectly blue autumn sky. The fuzziness that’s veiling my sight seems – for now – to only be dispersed by what’s already come to pass.