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Trying to make new memories when you’re clinging to your old ones with every bit of strength that you have, clinging to them so hard that you’re unconsciously holding your breath almost to the brink of fainting due to lack of oxygen – It’s a bit like trying to light a fire with damp wood.

Write what comes to you. Read what you like. Feel what you feel – don’t apologise for feeling; never apologise for feeling! I know, you have to have a lion heart for that. Yes, I know so many of us have rabbit hearts instead. And yes, I know it takes guts to be yourself when we seem to be following fashions instead of instincts. It takes even more guts and determination to evolve the way you want to instead of in the direction that others would let you believe is best for you.

It takes a whole world of guts to break out of your comfort zone, to let go of the past that’s become a shield and a safety net all at once. But risking to live for what the future can bring and not for an idolised past is like daring to try out a new dish. You’re reserved at first, not so sure if you’ll like it or if you’re going to be able to stomach it, but it could turn out to be one of the most surprisingly delicious dishes you’ve ever tasted.