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So you don’t admit to feelings, do you now? So you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve; no, you hide it deep beneath layers of everything and nothings. It’s an impulse, a trend, or maybe a defense mechanism plain and simple.

I know you don’t understand why my thoughts twist the way they do or why my heart ticks faster when it does. But if you ask, I’ll tell you. I only mostly pretend to hide. You only need the courage to ask the right questions and I’ll reveal myself – the quiet, the serious, the responsible, the well read, the elegant, the traditional, the health conscious, the cautious, the impulsive, the emotional, the indecisive, the bossy, the easily bored, the dance crazy, the music addict, the pasta and coffee lover, the house plant killer.

Better than you bargained for, more than you would have imagined – that’s what happens when you feel.