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Warm skin and feverish heart. Delirious thoughts and hopeless whispers. Explanations that want to be said but aren’t heard. Hypotheses that have already been proven true and deeply-rooted misconceptions about self that are screaming to be weeded out (if only you’d listen to them). Burning tears and skin that smells of summer heat. Lips sprinkled with brown sugar and the way the air smells around. Oh, that intoxicating smell!

I used to know my birthday was getting close because the acacia trees would bloom at the end of May. This year, not even half through May and they’re already heavy with flowers.  So does that mean that my birthday’s moving up too? Or does is simply mean the madness strikes early this year?

Avoid it as I may, I know I won’t be able to escape it. I could blame it on sunstroke, but I don’t even believe it myself. It’s summer in May and I can’t even begin to imagine how it’s going to make my soul twist and bend this year round.