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At which point do you realize that you’re starting to lose grasp on every other good thing in your life?

At first, you deny it. You look away, because it’s easier pretending there’s other, more urgent matters to focus on. But that’s just you failing to prioritise. Next, you panic, because you finally understand happy moments are like snowflakes – as unique and as fast fleeting – and if you look away as you did, you’re going to miss them one by one and no other alike will fall from the sky ever again.

Before you know it, you’re so angry that reason begins to elude you. You’re almost ready to give it to the impulse to do countless reckless things that border on stupid, things you know under normal circumstances you’d deeply regret because they’re absolutely uncharacteristic for you.

And then, just in time, you stop yourself. You become a warrior through and through, obstinately fighting for the happiness you desire, for those snowflakes that can still come.

Yes, these might sound a lot like the stages of grief, but there’s one stage that you won’t allow yourself to reach – acceptance. Because you’re too determined to live that happiness you’ve had within your reach all along. Naive? Possibly. Can the melted snowflakes be somehow duplicated? Not likely. Why fight then? Simply because not doing so it not an option, because settling for less than what you truly desire would be nothing else but cowardly.