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My astonishment in the face of the ease with which people walk away from the important in their lives just will not subside. Men and women, boys and girls alike have shown me time and again that they can nonchalantly give up on something of meaning, deciding they will not spend one second more on a path they declare will lead to nothing but wasted time.

I may be a naive idealist, but when something’s got depth and when someone’s leaving their fingerprints all over your soul, you don’t look the other way. No, I’m not a fool to think the universe does not shift, actions do not acquire new purpose and direction day after day, or feelings do not change colour. What I do refuse to accept is that the important in your life should fall victim to chronic fear.

The excuse is that a path or other will only lead to wasted time and energy, when in reality you’ve not taken more than one or two real steps down that path. Then you allowed fear to take over and turn you away.

I may be a social butterfly, I may relish being involved in a million different projects at once and I may have more dreams than my existence will allow me to make happen simply due to the fact that the hour only has 60 minutes and the day only 24 hours; but when it comes to the truly important in my life, there’s one thing you should know without a doubt about me – I commit myself.

I’ll admit that’s not a state of mind easily attained and only I know how long it took me and how many times I had to hold myself back when the flight instinct kicked in. But I inevitably understood that happiness will not just fall in my lap one day, nor will magic pixies sprinkle happy dust over me while I’m asleep and upon awaking I would find all was right in the world and I have no difficulties to face anymore.

I commit and I follow through when my heart tells me it’s worth it, even if it’s the scariest thing in the world to do so.