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How many times must you say no before the answer is accepted as such? No actually means just no if not followed immediately by conjunctions like “but”, “except if”, “unless”, or others in the same line of meaning. Maybe still holds potentiality, so use it wisely; it may lead so side-effects like hope and we all know how hard it is to eradicate hope once it’s infiltrated your blood stream and infected your heart.

I won’t hide behind my usual biting words and will admit to being guilty of not accepting no as a valid answer, even though it’s been repeatedly served to me on different shapes and sizes of platters. To my defence, these were sooner or later followed by changes of mind soaked in regrets, remorse, and inexplicable need for proximity; but in the end the most pregnant flavour, the one that overpowered the sweetness and absolutely electric uniqueness of the others was the confusing indecision. A yes covering a maybe and a no covering a yes, but I’m afraid. So forgive me if I sometimes forget the meaning of no. Forgive me if I’m having a hard time believing even you know what you mean to say anymore.

I used to think there were invisible threads tying people to each other; now I’m starting to think there may be invisible ropes irrevocably drawing us together, not matter how much we try to deny it, no matter how much we struggle to cut through them with our hurtful words.