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I’m going to be crazy if I want to. I’m going to be a damsel in distress if I choose to. And I’m going to be bossy if that’s what I feel like being. I’m going to be nothing less than myself and I’m not going to accept being made to feel like I’m not deserving enough of a great love, a great man, a great life. It’s true, most of us simply accept the love we think we deserve. But what we really deserve is usually so much more. If you don’t believe me, just read A Daddy’s Letter to his Little Girl About Her Future Husband.

I sure could use some retail therapy right about now. But my horoscope says to steer clear of major splurges this week. Well now, if the horoscope says so! It also says my existence is going through changes. You hear that? Changes, baby! (so it must be true)

Finally, someone called me out on it! (albeit in a completely cowardly way). Friday evening I was notified I have a new comment to moderate for my post “Of No’s”, so obviously someone who hadn’t posted before. The description of “cowardly” is there because from the way the comment was written it’s most likely someone who knows me personally and had the chance to confront me directly, but chose not to and instead hide behind the anonymity of a two line comment. I debated for a long while with myself whether to approve it or not. It’s pretty offensive and by approving it by no means do I want to open the floodgates to such types of comments; but it called me out and that I can’t deny. Yes, it’s time for me to get over my saviour complex; not everybody needs saving and certainly not everybody wants to be saved, as I’ve come to learn. It’s time to just save myself and yes, it’s high time for me to just be happy.